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Soft-Touch Feed Ports

The custom molded TPE feed ports with hooded drip guards keep the feed dry. The raised feed shields prevent scraping and minimize bill-out.

The feed goes where it your chickens.

Each unit comes with Feed Port Covers included.

Patent-Pending Cone & Funnel System

The CoopWorx innovative funnel system channels a continuous flow of feed directly to the ports, eliminating hard to reach dead spots to prevent spoilage. First feed in, first feed out.

Ideal for pellet, crumble, mash or your own feed blend.

Elevated Silo Shaped Design

CoopWorx, elevated on four aluminum legs, features a roost-resistant hinged lid that provides easy access to load feed, and integrated drip edges to channel water away from the ports.

Easy to clean and sanitize, CoopWorx works as well inside as it does out, suitable for all climates year around.

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