Got A Lot of Hungry Chickens?

Need more than one CoopWorx? We've got you covered at an additional discount.

Available with your choice of Single Post Mounts or (4) adjustable legs, allowing the feed ports to be set at 9", 13" or 17" from the ground.

Feed Port Covers are included.

Capacity: Up to 80 lbs. of feed.

Shipping: UPS Ground, individually packaged Package size: 20" x 20" x 24" • Actual Wt: 18 lbs. • DIM Wt: 58 lbs.

Not deliverable to a P.O.Box

Ships within 5-7 Business Days.

Units ship individually with separate tracking numbers.

If you and your chickens are not completely satisfied with your CoopWorx Feed Silo, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund


Please be aware of any import duties, fees or tariffs you may be responsible for paying.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
S Rogers
Absolutely Love Them!

We have 12 of these feeders and love them! We have run crumbles, pellets, and ground grain/feed through these feeders and couldn't be happier. We live where it is hot and humid - the average rainfall is 56" a year and this feed stays dry as a bone. We also have one in a chicken tractor (45 meat birds) after the 2nd day it is really easy to move to the next spot. We are looking for away to suspend it. Along with our 250+ chicken, this year we added 50 white broad-breasted turkeys and they are a little messy with the feed pulling it out, but they do that with any feeder and waterer. So we just added a black feeder tray under the silo for the turkeys and all the feed gets eaten and not wasted. Overall the best feeders! Wish they had mini ones (20lb) for the brooders, because I love that no poop and shavings get into these feeders. Thank you CoopWorx for a great product!

Hi Scarlet, thanks for letting us know how your feeders are working with your turkeys, we have a lot of people asking about using it for other types of birds. It is great ot hear that you are happy with all of your CoopWorx feeders. All the best, Tom

Excellent Feed Silo

Pros: 1. Love the capacity (fits our 50 pound bags of feed easily - therefore less feeding time)
2. Love the design (chickens can not roost on it despite them trying)
3. Well designed feeding ports and covers (chickens can still pull feed out but it's significantly less than other feeders- covers stay on even during high wind levels)
4. Adjustable height (worked great for our chick/pullets and then again for our adult chickens and roosters)
5. Lid stays tightly closed to secure the feed inside stays dry and uneaten by unwanted animals.
Cons: 1. Adjustable legs (4 out of the 12 legs did not work properly - the button mechanism would either get stuck in the leg or would not push in at all) - otherwise they are awesome!
2. Difficult to relocate when any feed is inside due to lack of external hand grips.

Overall, absolutely love the product and am happy that we purchased the 3 pack! We keep one inside the coop, inside the run area, and outside the run area. Fantastic product!

Hi Marie,

Thaknks for taking the time to leave a detailed review!

I am sorry you are having a problem with a couple of the telescoping legs, I will be glad to send replacement legs to you. Sometimes the spring clip button gets stuck making it hard to adjust.

If you see any feed on the ground, try raising the height if the feeder so they have to reach for it and that should prevent your chickens from dragging the feed out of the ports. Please let me know if raising the height of the feeder helps.



I didn't realize how much feed was being wasted before I purchased these feeders! My chickens love them and I am saving money on the feed bill. Great investments! Now I need a smaller version for my chicks! Let me know when you have those!

H Mary, Thanks for letting us know that you are saving feed with your CoopWorx. Feed waste was one of the main problems we were trying to solve when we developed the feeder. Thanks! Tom & Katie

Amanda Jensen
Excellent product!

I have owned chickens for six years, and I am always stressed about feeding them first thing in the morning until now. Thank you, Coop Works, for making my chickens extremely happy and allowing me to sleep in finally.

Hi Amanda,

I am glad to hear your CoopWorx is making your mornings easier! Please send photos of your feeder and we will be glad to repost.



Kurtis Walton
best damn invention

I live in Alaska, we are having a very rainy summer. Of all the years I have raised birds are this is the best Darn Invention ever. Now the next step is to make a heated water that does not dump on you when you fill it.