CoopWorx 40 lb. Feed Silo X-Base


The X-Base Mount with telescoping post for 40 lb. capacity Feed Silo II.

If you would like to change the mount for your Silo, Easily swap from the Single Post Stake Mount to the Single post X-base.

Ships within 1-3 Business Days.

Customer Reviews

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NObie Thrasher
Great feeder

I had other feeders and saw this one online and purchased it. The chicken took to it quickly, well built and solid. I now only have to fill up 1 once a week. I like its sealed and birds can't poop in food. Yes, there is some food that comes out on the ground per the comment below, but so did the other feeder, that's what chickens do, however they it off the ground too. I would rather have some food on the ground that the chickens will eat anyways versus having to feed them every day and them pooping in their food. solid product, pricey but worth it!

Hi Nobie, thanks for leaving a review. If you see any feed on the ground try raising the height of the feeder to almost head height. This should stop your birds from dragging out the feed.

Please let me know if this helps.


Kathleen Wehe

A very expensive lesson in devices that do not work!
The feeder allows so much waste and it was the reason I changed feeding items. The reviews raved at how well they worked and now I wonder if you write positive reviews to see your items.
I paid full price and am actually angry at how disappointed we are. Hope I see this review.

Hi Kathleen,

I am sorry you are having problems with you feed silo. You should not be having problems with feed on the ground, I hope I can help.

If your chickens are dragging out feed can you try raising the height of the feeder, almost head height so they have to reach for it a little? This should stop them from dragging out the feed. If you can, please send me a photo so I can see what is happening. We have shipped over 7000 feeders and raising the height solves the problem almost every time,

We do have a money back guarantee if you are not happy with it, I will be glad to send a return label if you would like to return it.

Please let me know if this helps.

All the best,

Tom Carter
910-233-0502 cell
910-452-3210 office

Alison Bedell
Everyone loves it!

We have the water silo and realized that with the stake setup, no ground space is actually used because of the pole… the girls went wild for their new feeder!! It looks great and functions great, thank you!! Best customer service makes it a no-brainer, too. Worth the money!

Jeannie Helmstead

I may buy another silo in the future. Thanks for a great product!

Hi Jeannie, thanks for the comments, I am glad to hear you are happy with your feeder! Tom

bruce neely
Very pleased!

Works great, very little waste.