Introducing the CoopWorx Water Silo!

Capacity: 8 Gallons
Designed for durability and cleanability, the CoopWorx Water Silo features six water ports with a water-tight O-ring seals, stainless steel water nipple pins with integrated drip cups and a roost-resistant lockable hinged lid.

Available in either the X-Base or Single Post Stake Mount. Water Ports stand 13” off of the ground. 
Shipping: UPS Ground, individually packaged Package size: 16" x 16" x 24"
Actual Wt: 19 lbs. • DIM Wt: 45 lbs.
Not deliverable to a P.O.Box .

Ships within 1-3 Business Days.

If you and are not completely satisfied with your CoopWorx Water Silo, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Natasha Posey

So grateful for the feeder and waterer. BEST products on the market, no wasted food and clean water. Worth every penny!

Hi Natasha,

Thanks so much for your feedback, it is always great to hear from happy customers!

Merry Christmas,

Tom & Kate

Raffi Massabki
The Ultimate Solution

The Water Silo was the answer to my prayers after years of fussing over with dozens of different waterers .. the Water Silo is the ultimate, most practical, efficient, hands off, and cleanest way to quench my chicken’ thirst for months at a time

Mary Favorite Ditmer
Happy Happy Happy

I love this new water system beats filling up 5 different containers

Terri L
Great feeders - I have 2 now

I have two feeders and a waterer now. I do prefer the feeder on legs because the one on the post leans. Nothing we do seems to keep it from leaning either. I use this one for my silkies and figured they would do better with no posts in the way. My big girls don’t mind the legs. Keeps a lot of food, but make sure not to fill it up unless you’re going to be gone a while. We were filling ours up and found one had moldy food because the girls started molting and not eating as much. It was in the feeder probably 2 weeks. Guessing with temp
Changes and such, it just got moldy. Now we only fill about halfway so we can keep a better eye on it

Stacy Berg

I would love to see a design that sits more broad like the feeder since my chickens have a tendency to dig holes around it and I feel like it makes it kind of too heavy. It fell over once and I ended up putting a wood board under it rather than leaving it in the dirt and it has been wonderful since. I would highly recommend it.