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Game-Changing CoopWorx™ Feed Silo to Launch with Kickstarter Campaign

The new patent-pending barnyard poultry feeder designed to climate waste and take the work out of tending to your flock.


WILMINGTON, NC, USA - November 15, 2020

A father and daughter duo from NC proudly introduce the CoopWorx Feed Silo, a new portable, multi-port gravity fed chicken feeder that holds up to 80 pounds of feed, more than double the capacity of most other feeders.

Raising back yard poultry continues to grow in popularity, however, these small-flock operators face the same concerns as larger producers, finding an effective way to maintain a continuous flow of quality feed for their birds, while keeping unwanted moisture and vermin at bay.

The CoopWorx Feed Silo features an easy to clean, rust-proof, roto-molded body elevated on aluminum legs with eight custom feed ports designed to prevent scratch out, scraping and feed flicking. The feed goes where it should—to the chickens.

“I started raising chickens mainly for fresh eggs,” said Kate Carter, co-inventor of CoopWorx Feed Silo. “As my flock grew I found I was filling my feeder daily and amazed at how much feed was wasted due to my chickens, guineas and ducks scratching out the feed.” 

She shared that concern with her dad, Tom Carter, founder of EXPOGO, Inc., a tradeshow display and product development company he founded in 1988. “We knew there had to be a better way and wanted to do something about it,” Tom said. “So we met with our industrial design team, and after a year of design, engineering and field testing the result is this revolutionary new style of feeder that works incredibly well with all types of poultry.”

With its patent-pending design, CoopWorx features an internal funnel system that provides a continuous gravity flow of feed to the ports, eliminating hard to reach dead spots and feed spoilage.

The sleek iconic silo-shape design features a roost-resistant, hinged lid providing easy access to load feed and integrated drip edges to channel water away from the feed ports making CoopWorx an attractive addition to any chicken yard.

The engineering and field testing is complete, patents are filed, and tooling has been ordered. The CoopWorx Feed Silo is scheduled to begin production in December 2020, and will be proudly made in the USA.

To maximize the initial production run, the CoopWorx Kickstarter campaign will launch on November 15, 2020 to help to get this innovative feeding system into as many backyards and barnyards as possible.

For more information log onto www.CoopWorxUSA.com


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CoopWorx is a subsidiary of EXPOGO, Inc., a tradeshow display and product development company with numerous ground-breaking patents founded in Wilmington, NC in 1988.