CoopWorx Feed Silo II w/ Stake Mount Post


Need a more compact feeder that can hold up to 40 lbs. of feed?

Introducing the NEW CoopWorx Feed Silo II.

Now available with 3 interest-free payments with .

Ships within 1-3 Business Days.

Engineered for durability, the CoopWorx Feed Silo II mounts to a single post and features six "soft touch" feed ports, integrated drip edges and a roost resistant lockable hinged lid. (See mounting instructions below).

 Feed Capacity: Up to 40 lbs.

Construction: Rotomolded HDPE compounded with "UV-8 Stabilizer" to resist fading and rust-proof anodized 2" diameter aluminum post mount system.

Not deliverable to a P.O.Box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Our Ladies Love It

We got this silo to replace feeders I had made myself with PVC piping. The old feeders needed to be refilled twice weekly because the openings were low to the ground and chickens would spill the contents everywhere. The new silo has been fantastic. The chickens took right to it without any difficulty. Best of all, we no longer have excess feed spilled all over. We have ten chickens, I filled it up more than a week ago and it is still over half full. With the money we will save on wasted food, this silo will pay for itself.

Lucy Roman-Amaro
Great product

I really love this product. Waste to minimum, accessible to adult birds. Saves a lot of time. I just dump the whole bag of feed in it. I have 37 chickens and this is a time saver.

Erica Elliott
Winner's verfication

We used the feeder as a fundraiser, everyone was so excited to be bidding on this, that I hardly had control. I contacted the winner of the contest and she now has 5 of them, the one she won and 4 of the big ones. I plan on raffling off another one once the 40 lbs are more available.

Sara O.
Great Feeder!

We love this feeder! We have had it for a week and it is working great. Little to no waste, the chickens acclimated to it immediately and it saves us from having to babysit their food! Very little assembly, very high quality, very functional, and the perfect size for our flock of 30. Worth every penny!

Spoke to and emailed Tom and his service is great!

Donna Stelzl
Excellent product

I love mt smaller coopworx feeder in my smaller breeding coop. Feed consumption has gone down keeping the feed up off the ground and away from rodents.