Introducing the CoopWorx Water Silo!

Capacity: 8 Gallons
Designed for durability and cleanability, the CoopWorx Water Silo features six water ports with a water-tight O-ring seals, stainless steel water nipple pins with integrated drip cups and a roost-resistant lockable hinged lid.

Available in either the X-Base or Single Post Stake Mount. Water Ports stand 13” off of the ground. 
Shipping: UPS Ground, individually packaged Package size: 16" x 16" x 24"
Actual Wt: 19 lbs. • DIM Wt: 45 lbs.
Not deliverable to a P.O.Box .

Ships within 1-3 Business Days.

If you and are not completely satisfied with your CoopWorx Water Silo, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!

Customer Reviews

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Stacy Berg

I would love to see a design that sits more broad like the feeder since my chickens have a tendency to dig holes around it and I feel like it makes it kind of too heavy. It fell over once and I ended up putting a wood board under it rather than leaving it in the dirt and it has been wonderful since. I would highly recommend it.

Terrie Duval
Water silo

Easy and convenient to fill

Hi Terri, Thanks for taking the time let us know how your CoopWorx is working for you. We always love to hear from happy customers. Thanks, Tom


My chickens can't seem to get the idea of drinking out of this waterer! I love it, but they don't! Can you recommend how to train them please?

Hi Mary, We have found that some chickens take to it right away and some take longer to figure it out. Can you try flicking the stainless steel pin so water drips into the cup and see if they will start drinking out of it. If you can get them to just peck at the nipple it shouldn't take long for them to figure it out.

Feel free to give me a call on my cell at 910-233-0502 to discuss. Thanks, Tom

Jacquelyn Sexton
Struggling to make this work

Our now 9 week old chicks learned quickly how to use the nipples. Our issue is the effort it takes to refresh the water and sanitize the silo. If the silo is more than one third full of water, it is very difficult/heavy to remove. Plus, I then need to navigate around the chicks to get outside the run to dump the old water out while carrying this large object that is very heavy. I just hadn’t considered this aspect of the process. There is no way I could lift the silo if it were any where near filled to capacity. Also, they are almost always standing on top of it and doing their business. The slope does not hinder them at all. Perhaps when they are full grown that aspect of the design will work. For now, it is a bit of a poopy mess that I dread having to maintain.


LOVE this water silo! I was nervous my chickens would not know how to use it, but it took just a few minutes and they had it figured out! I love that the chickens cannot make a mess of their water so they always have fresh water to drink!!! Thank you!