Keep your feed safe and secure from predators at night or whenever you need.

Simply close off your feed ports with our custom molded port covers.

$1.50 each. Sold Individually.

Customer Reviews

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Allison D
Feed Silo Port Cover

I ordered 4 of these as we have the 80 lb feed silo and we have it positioned in the corner of our run. While the design of the silo mostly keeps water out of the open ports, we did get a little rain in a couple of the open ports after a particularly windy storm so we ordered the covers as extra protection for the ones facing the outside of our run. The covers are snug and fit PERFECTLY, they aren't loose in any way but are easy to install and remove, as necessary.

Hi Allison, thanks for letting us know how your feed silo is working out for you and that the new port covers helped with the blowing rain.

All the best,

Cam N.
Love Coopworx feeder!

The Coopworx feeder is a great size and holds enough food to last a 3-4 days with my 14 hens. The hens don't have any problem getting to the food. My only issue is food waste, if the feeder ports were angled down they might not be able to pull
out a lot of food at once. Besides this it's a great product

Hi Cam,

Thanks for your comments. It you see any food on the ground just try raising the height of the feeder to almost head height and it should stop your chickens from being able to drag out the feed, which chickens like to do.

Please let me know if this solves the problem.


Much better than the original

These port covers are so much better than the ones that come with the feeder. The original ones were too easy to get off by a crafty critter. These fit so much tighter and no critter will be able to get them off. At times they are a bit snug but that's a good thing. We learned you have to squeeze them in the middle to pull them off.


It is very good! The covers are great!

Karen Miller
Great new Port Covers

These new covers are awesome. I was having trouble with the old flat ones, the rats figured how to pull them off. With these new ones, they seat real deep in the ports and the rats haven't been able to pull any off!! These are great.