COOPWORX WATER SILO (8 Gallon Capacity)


Introducing the CoopWorx Water Silo!

Capacity: 8 Gallons
Designed for durability and cleanability, the CoopWorx Water Silo holds 8 gallons of water, features six water ports with a water-tight O-ring seals, stainless steel water nipple pins with integrated drip cups and a roost-resistant lockable hinged lid.
Available in either the X-Base or Single Post Stake Mount. Water Ports stand 13” off of the ground. 
Shipping: UPS Ground, individually packaged Package size: 16" x 16" x 24"

Actual Wt: 19 lbs. • DIM Wt: 45 lbs.
Not deliverable to a P.O.Box .

Ships within 7-10 Business Days.

If you and are not completely satisfied with your CoopWorx Water Silo, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!

Attn. International customers, please be aware of any duties or tariffs you may owe per your country

Customer Reviews

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Charles G.
Works Like a Charm

After buying the CoopWorx feeder, we decided to try the waterer as well. We couldn't be more pleased with the results from both the feeder and the waterer. No wasted food on the ground and the water stays pristine with no junk kicked up into it like our previous several waterers. It's a little pricey, but you get what you pay for and it works as advertised! We're happy and so are our chickens.

Hi Charles, It is great to hear you are happy with your feed and water silo combo.

We rotomold the water feeder out of an opaque food grade HDPE that is very thick to keep sunlight out which will help prevent algae from growing in the feeder. I hope you enjoy using both of them for many years.
Thanks, Tom

Good concept, poor execution

I ordered the COOPWORX FEED SILO (80 Lb.) SINGLE POST and the WATER SILO. The water silo is decent, although the lip under the nipples are just a bit too small to catch the drips, and results in lots of wasted water and a muddy run.

The Feed Silo itself is nice, in that it holds a good amount of feed. The REAL problem is with the single post mounting system. The post itself does not have a sharp spike tip at the end, and is very difficult to hammer into the ground. When the spike is embedded deep in the ground enough to be stable, the post itself is too short even at the most extended setting, resulting the feed silo itself very low to the ground. This encourages bill-out as the chickens feed and LOTS of wasted food, especially if you use crumbles. The final nail in the coffin is that connection between the post and the spike is just a cheap foam sleeve that compresses and disintegrate over time, resulting in a VERY loose connection where the Feed Silo itself is constantly tipping to one side or the other, leading to EVEN MORE wasted feed. A simple solution would be providing a longer post, a solid, well-fitted plastic sleeve/bushing to strengthen the connection.

Most chicken runs are covered with 6-10 inches of wood chips and the spike needs to be buried in dirt under that to have any structural stability. So I would say that the post should be at least 12 inches longer. Looking forward to a response from the company to address these issues.

Hi Hok,

I am sorry to hear you are not happy with your CoopWorx feeders.

First, I wanted to let you know that if you would like to send them back I will be glad to offer you a full refund. We have shipped several thousand feeders and we always try to keep our customers happy.

I will be glad to send you a set of telescoping legs if you would like to try that instead of the stake mount. This would be very stable and you can adjust the height so the feed ports are 18” off the ground.

If you prefer, I could send a longer stake mount post to you if you can tell me the length you would like it to be. I can also make the sleeve longer that slides over the post which should make it more stable. We use a sleeve over the post so when the pipe gets deformed driving it in the ground.

Regarding the water feeder, if the unit is not tilting the cups under the water ports could catch the drips. We designed them small so they wouldn’t collect a lot of debris or break off like the large cups you see on some nipple systems. We switched to a slightly stiffer spring for the water ports a couple of months ago, so if any of your ports have a slow drip that should fix the problem. I can send some replacement springs to you if you would lie to try the,

Feel free to give me a call on my cell at 910-233-0502 to discuss.

All the best,

Tom Carter

411 Landmark Dr.
Wilmington, NC. 28412

Hiram London
Water Silo review

Again we have been using the Water Silo for about 1 month. Holds plenty of water, keeps it clean and the chickens learned to use it. The shape keeps any varmits out just like the Feed Silo. The same tidy and neat appearance. Excellent product.

Matthew Grace
Works great!

This thing is perfect for our homestead

Pretend Farmer
These Things Are Great

I have 18 chickens. I used to have to fill up their water daily and they’re 15 lb. Feeder every other day. Now I fill water once a week and the feed about once a month. The feed consumption is much lower now due to the “zero waste” design and the fact that wild birds don’t eat from this feeder. Mice have not been a problem either. I’d highly recommend! YouTube video placeholder

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for making such a detailed video! I think you covered all of the main features we tried to design into CoopWorx to make tending to chickens easier. I am also glad to hear that removing the feed port worked for your roosters with the large cones.

I will let you know if we develop a model with larger feed ports in the future.

All the best,

Tom Carter
910-233-0502 cell